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What Does a Sports Chiropractor Do?

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What Does a Sports Chiropractor Do? 

A sports chiropractor specializes in diagnosing and then treating athletic-related injuries. Chiropractors know how to prevent damage and injury and know how to rehabilitate injured athletes, reducing or remove their pain to get them back to the sports and activities they love. 

How Does a Sports Chiropractor Help Athletes?

Sports chiropractors focus more on long-term care and therapy rather than quick adjustments. A good sports chiropractor can often spot potential pain and injuries before they even happen. These specialty chiropractors help athletes improve balance, posture, mobility, and muscle balances before there are real issues. 

Repetitive improper movements, such as an incorrect tennis or golf swing, over long periods can cause severe pain, injury, and inflammation. Our sports chiropractor may help you focus on balance and coordination exercises, resistance training, and muscle building. 

Which Sports Are Most Likely to Send Athletes to a Chiropractor? 

Sports that require many repetitive movements are incredibly taxing on the body and are more likely to require the services of a trained chiropractor. The most common sports that send athletes to chiropractors are:

  • Tennis (repetitive swings)
  • Golf (repetitive swings)
  • Baseball (repetitive swings)
  • Hockey (repetitive swings)
  • Football (high impact)
  • Running (repetitive movement or improper form)
  • Rock Climbing (excessive strain, improper form)

Do Sports Chiropractors Only Help Injured Athletes? 

Absolutely not. As mentioned above, a good sports chiropractor can often notice and prevent injury from ever occurring by improving your posture, muscle tone, balance, and mobility. 

Chiropractors can often make minor spinal adjustments to improve mobility, which is a good injury preventative on its own. This can also improve flexibility and therefore decrease muscle stiffness. This, in turn, prevents soreness, which later prevents improper form and posture. It’s a chain reaction of positive changes. 

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